We can deliver in most countries thanks to shipments by Fare Rata, at reasonable rates considering the geographical distance of French Polynesia. Delivery times are generally in the order of 10 to 15 days for shipments in metropolitan France, up to one month for other destinations.

Shipping costs

The price of shipments via OPT is calculated by weight and value for most of the shipments we make. To evaluate the costs related to a shipment, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also estimate the price of a shipment by visiting the OPT website at the pages concerning international shipments and declared value shipments.

Sending in declared values makes it possible to cover the loss or theft of your package for higher amounts than traditional shipments. While this method is available for most European countries, it is not always the case for other destinations. In this case, it is possible to use other carriers with insurance, but for much higher rates.

Taxes when sending the package

In all export cases, whether jewelry or loose pearls, VAT is not applicable to the export. For other expenses, it is necessary to distinguish the purchase of jewelry composed of less than 50 pearls and loose pearls or jewelry composed of 50 pearls or more.

Jewelry with less than 50 pearls

For the purchase of this type of jewelry, shipments are not subject to the tax on loose pearls and therefore do not require a customs declaration. For this type of shipment, you will only pay the shipping costs.

Loose pearls and jewelry of 50 pearls or more

For loose pearls, even if drilled but not mounted, or jewelry made of more than 50 pearls, a customs declaration is required. This requires us to use a customs declarant, which adds a tariff of about 10,000 XPF ($100) to the shipping price. In addition, it is necessary to pay the customs tax on pearls which amounts to 50 XPF ($0.5) per pearl.

Taxes on receipt of the package

Other charges or taxes may be required upon arrival of the package in your country. These costs are specific to each country, so we are unable to assess them and they will not be included in our quotations. To estimate them, please contact the customs office in your country or visit their website. For example, for USA, you can consult the U.S. Customs and Border Protection website.

Countries to which we have already made deliveries

The map below lists the countries, indicated in cyan, to which we have already sent at least one package.

World map highlighting the countries to which Mihiarii Pearls has already made deliveries

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