1. Acceptance of the terms and conditions of sale

These Business Terms and Conditions (BTC) govern the sale of jewellery, pearls and accessories between Mihiarii Pearls and you, the consumer.

Before placing an order on our website, you must fully accept the BTC.

Mihiarii Pearls reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to modify these BTC. We also encourage you to review the BTC before each order.

2. Online shop

Our online shop presents the products we offer for sale on the Internet. We try to describe as accurately as possible the jewellery, beads and accessories we sell. Nevertheless, due to the particular nature of pearls, some data are subjective (depending on the observer's appreciation). These data include color, brightness, etc. of the pearl. In addition, these characteristics are subject to variation, for example according to the type of light and the brightness of the place where the pearls are observed. These data do not therefore have contractual value and Mihiarii Pearls cannot be held liable for a description that the consumer considers inaccurate.

We also strive to associate each product with a photograph that illustrates the product as accurately as possible. We do not make any alterations to improve the appearance of the product, except for changes in brightness or contrast. However, for the same reasons stated in the previous paragraph, these photographs have no contractual value. (For your information, most of our photographs are taken in a light box equipped with a high intensity daylight type LED light.)

The prices indicated are inclusive of all taxes (including VAT). They include taxes applicable in French Polynesia.

Prices can be displayed in three currencies: Pacific franc (XPF), euro (EUR) or US dollar (USD). The reference prices are in XPF and EUR. We try to update the conversion rates as much as possible, but even if this is not the case, the prices displayed are contractual.

3. Ordering

The consumer can order the products available on this website, by adding the desired products to his shopping cart.

Then, by going to your shopping cart, you can view a summary of the order and an estimate of various costs. After validation of your order, which does not constitute a commitment on your part or on behalf of Mihiarii Pearls, your order is checked, as well as the availability of the items requested and the estimated costs. A complete quote is then sent to your email address, associated with a payment link or accompanied by our RIB as an attachment.

The information requested (address, telephone number, etc.) must be accurate and up to date. Otherwise, Mihiarii Pearls cannot be held responsible for any error in delivery and the additional costs would be at the expense of the consumer.

4. Payment


We currently offer two payment methods:

  • By credit card, by means of an OSB (Oceanian Banking Services) payment link sent to your email address.
  • By bank transfer.


In accordance with the legislation in force, the consumer has 70 days to contest the payment, in particular in the event of fraudulent use of his means of payment. In this case, the consumer will immediately contact Mihiarii Pearls via the online contact form or by email. The consumer will be reimbursed without additional costs within one month of receipt of the complaint.


In the event of refusal of payment authorization by the consumer's banking services, Mihiarii Pearls reserves the right to suspend or cancel the current order.

5. Shipping & Returns


If you live or go to French Polynesia and have the possibility to visit one of our shops, you can indicate that you wish to pick up your order in one of our shops. This delivery method is free of charge.

In other cases, the package will be sent through the Office des Postes et de Télécommunication (OPT) of French Polynesia. Given the nature of our products, we are asked to provide special packaging that entails an additional cost for the consumer. But, at the moment, no other carrier accepts to transport jewelry with pearls. However, the advantage of this method is that it includes insurance against loss, damage or spoliation for most countries. For more information, you can consult the information on the prices and packaging required by the OPT at: OPT - Declared Values (french).


Depending on the destination, the consumer may be required to pay customs fees upon arrival of the package. All customs fees will be charged to the consumer. Mihiarii Pearls has no control over these customs fees. Before ordering, please inquire about the obligations and customs fees applicable in your country regarding the products we sell. For example, French customs may ask you to pay 20% French VAT. To this can be added customs and processing fees from the carrier, if the amount of the order exceeds 150€.


If, upon arrival of your package at home, it is in poor condition, please do not accept it and indicate the reason on the form provided for this purpose. Your signature on the delivery note implies acceptance of the package.

6. Retraction and returns


In accordance with the legislation in force, the consumer can exercise his right of withdrawal within 14 days from the day after receipt of the package, without justification on his part. In this case, the product will be returned to Mihiarii Pearls at the consumer's expense, in good condition and in its original packaging. The shipment will be made within 14 days after the withdrawal. We may defer the refund of sums due until we receive the returned products or until proof of shipment has been received.


Some products are not subject to the right of withdrawal. This is the case for products made especially for the consumer.


In the event of non-compliant or defective delivery, you may request repair, exchange or refund of the product(s) concerned. The consumer must return it in its original packaging, indicating the reason for refusal on the delivery note or invoice, the costs being at Mihiarii Pearls' expense.

For any retraction or return, please use our contact form or contact us by email.

7. Applicable law

The seller is settled in French Polynesia in a stable and sustainable way to carry out his activity there.

Also, these BTC are governed by French law.

In the event of disagreement or dispute, the customer shall first contact the seller in order to reach an amicable agreement.

If no agreement can be reached, the consumer may initiate proceedings before the Commercial Court of Papeete.

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