Tahitian Pearls

Our speciality is the Tahitian cultured pearl, the famous black pearl. But Tahitian pearls are not limited to black. They are available in a multitude of colours for the pleasure of the eyes. And why limit yourself to the round shape? You will find all kinds of shapes, from oval pearls, buttons or drops to the much more exotic shapes of baroque pearls.

In our shops, Tahitian pearls are sorted by quality and size and placed in containers. According to your desires or your budget, you can search pearls in the container of your choice while benefiting from the advice of our experienced staff. When you come to our shops, allow enough time in your planning!

To help you in your search, we also offer pairing, pairs of pearls that are associated according to their similarity as well as strung pearls, selected to form a harmonious necklace. All you have to do is choose the assembly.

The drilling of the pearls and the assembly of the jewelry can be done directly in the shop and, unless there is a special situation, it can be done during the day.

Find Tahitian pearls in our shops from 50 XPF ($0.5) and pairings from 2.000 XPF ($20). The price for drilling the pearls purchased in our shops starts at 15 XPF per pearl ($0.15).

Take advantage of the offer 10 pearls purchased, 2 pearls offered at the same price. Valid in all our shops and in all price categories!


Are you looking for original shapes, with a beautiful luster and an attractive price? The keshis may well be what you are looking for. Keshis are pearls without nucleus. They are entirely made of mother-of-pearl. Most keshis are irregular in shape and have a high luster.

Keshis are sold by gram from 800 XPF ($8) in our shops.


You could also find your happiness among our selection of jewellery. Enjoy our various mounts, from the pendant made of a Tahitian pearl to the necklace with more than a hundred pearls.

We sell silver rhodium-plated pendants from 3,500 XPF ($35), earrings from 5,000 XPF ($50) and necklaces from 35,000 XPF ($350).

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